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If you are confronting the prospect of a Florida marital dissolution (divorce), you may have many serious concerns about your financial future.  The assets that you receive in your divorce settlement will provide the foundation for your financial future after your divorce is complete.  The process of dividing marital assets fairly involves accurate valuation of your marital assets using the appropriate valuation method.  Assets can vary substantially in terms of the complexity of their valuation.  West Palm Beach marital asset valuation attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Cunha provide a careful analysis of our clients’ marital assets to arrive at an accurate valuation and obtain the best possible asset division so that our clients emerge from a Palm Beach divorce on the most solid footing possible.

Firm Financial Foundation for Starting Over

The process of dividing marital assets can be complicated by disputes over proper valuation methods or attempts by your spouse to hide or divert marital assets which may interfere with a fair and equitable division of marital property.  In a Florida divorce, you and your spouse are required to provide a property disclosure that lists all marital and non-marital property along with an estimated valuation of all assets.  If a party to a divorce does not disclose all assets, the court may penalize the party for hiding, diverting or failing to disclose assets.  Full disclosure of assets that comprise the marital estate is necessary for the parties to reach a fair division of the marital assets or for the court to fashion such a division if the parties cannot agree. Therefore, the parties are required to complete and file Florida Family Law Financial Affidavits except in simplified dissolution of marriage whereby the parties are permitted to waive the requirement.  The Florida Family Law Financial Affidavits are divided into the following categories:

Annual Gross Income is $50,000 or More

Annual Gross Income is Less than $50,000

Divorces involving parties with a high net worth, a substantial number of assets or hard to value assets, such as stock options, can be extremely complicated.  Mr. Cunha and his legal team provide effective legal representation involving estates with a wide range of assets that pose challenges in terms of valuation and division including:

  • Closely held businesses (family businesses)

  • Antiques and artwork

  • Pensions, IRAs and other retirement accounts

  • Military retirement

  • Stock options

  • Family residence

  • Professional practices (law, medicine)

  • Vacation properties and time-shares

  • Investment properties and other investment vehicles

  • Business interests of any kind

Our firm often utilizes the services of highly trained business valuation experts, forensic accountants and other financial experts to assist in the process of establishing the proper value of assets or to trace funds where assets and funds appear to be diverted or hidden.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of James S. Cunha have backgrounds in finance and accounting which enables them to work closely with business valuation experts to ensure that the proper valuation method is used and to identify potential inappropriate expenditures that are designed to hide business income or assets.

Palm Beach Property Valuation Attorneys

We are loyal and passionate about our clients’ cases and consistently seek the best possible property valuation determinations for our clients.  We bring a substantial level of skill, knowledge and diligence along with the ability to think outside of the box so that we can be the most effective advocates for our clients.  We understand the importance of ensuring that all assets are identified, disclosed and properly valued so that the division of assets is fair and equitable.

No matter where you are located, our experienced marital asset valuation lawyers are just a phone call away.  Even if you just have family law questions about the valuation of assets in a divorce or other divorce questions but have not decided to take action, we can provide initial answers to help you determine the best possible approach to your divorce issues so contact us today.

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